Buying a shotgun is a big deal as these guns last for decades, are a great investment, holding their value very well plus this can be a great hand-me-down with precious stories and incidents related to the adventures done with the gun so no pressure! Although the choices and options are literally unlimited when it comes to California shotguns, we are mainly going to focus on 12 gauges as this is the best for hunting.

Apart from that, I will also pay heed to the design, aesthetics, handling and affordability of the guns so that everyone can consider it and also get a range to choose from. When choosing a shotgun for hunting the most important thing to consider is the animal you wish to hunt down, it can be a deer, a duck or even birds, this can have a profound impact on the choice of the shotgun.

At WBT guns, we offer a myriad of options in shotguns from reputed manufacturers like Baretta, Remington, Henry, Mossberg, Lancer, Century Arms and many more that are available both in San Diego gun stores as well as at onlines stores. Making an informed and well calculated decision is very important when buying your hunting shotgun so let's help you in making that decision the best decision of your life. Here are the best 6 hunting shotguns of all-time that will not disappoint you or fail you when you’re out and about in the wilderness hunting your prey!

  • Best Hunting Shotguns of All-Time

1.Remington 870 Express California Legal

If you are a hunter who is more like a jack of all trades master of none than you need California shotguns that are a performer in all conditions, an all-rounder. Remington 870 express is the perfect 12-gauge shotgun which is a great companion in every condition, no matter how unfavorable it may be. Being a solid competitor since the 1950s, the Remington 870 has passed the test of time with flying colors and has the best configuration, material and design which is affordable and works just fine.

This shotgun has a barrel length of 18.5 inches, its pump action shotgun which means it is very powerful and super impactful, it has a sturdy weight of 7.25 lbs and will only cost you $479.99!

2.Beretta 1301 Tactical California Legal

If you are a swift shooter and want nothing to come between you and your prey once it's spotted then you need this gem of a gun. The gas-operated autoloader allows you to have a variety of loads without any hitch or hiccup.

These shotguns are light enough to be carried all day long even in the uplands, it can also bear heavy waterflow and can emerge as a winner under any circumstance. Beretta has been producing some amazing shotguns for decades now and the tactical series are no less. This gun weighs around 6.7lbs, has a 18.5 inches barrel and a capacity of 5+1 rounds so enjoy your hunting expeditions with this amazing shotgun!

3.Mossberg 500 Hunting  All-Purpose California Legal

Another very well reputed manufacturer of firearms, Mossberg brings you the best all-purpose hunting guns that deliver every time you pump the gun and pull the trigger. This shotgun is not only elegant in appearance but also very lethal when put to action.

With a long barrel of 28 inches you are sure to have an accuracy and impact of another level altogether. The capacity of the gun is 5+1, is made in hardwood and weighs around 7.5 lbs. Although this shotgun may seem heavy, it suits any type of hunting so be free to hunt anything and not just one.

4.Winchester SXP Defender California Legal

Another very well built shotgun for hunting purposes, the Winchester SXP defender is one of a kind. I have never heard anyone having a bad experience with this shotgun. The gun frame of this shotgun is solid but not heavy so it becomes a nuisance to carry it.

It has a great capacity of 5+, the barrel length is 12 inches and it weighs around 6.4 lbs. The surface of the shotgun is non-glare which is very useful when you’re out and about. The inertia assisted action makes this shotgun a very reliable gun, a type of gun that will never disappoint you.

5.Browning SuperPosed

This shotgun is the first love for clay shooters as no other shotgun even comes close to what the Browning Superposed has to offer. This shotgun is the best over/under style shotgun and can be bought as the 20 gauge as well. This firearm is a great choice for hunting and you’ll always enjoy it whenever you go for a good hunting game.

Ending Lines

WBT guns take immense pride in providing you with the best, most affordable and versatile range of firearms in every category possible from the most well-reputed name in the industry.