The decision to purchase a firearm should never be taken in haste or in anger as it is an expensive buy that can sometimes be the difference between life or death! Owning a firearm is exciting, overwhelming, empowering but it is also a responsibility and a huge duty towards not only to your family and loved ones but also towards the people near you.

In order to make this experience smooth, fruitful and enjoyable the willing buyer needs to take a series of good decisions. There are alot of things that can make your experience great or not so great. First time buyers need to gear up for the days before and after the purchase of Handguns San Diego as there are alot of things that need to be taken care off.

Things You Should Know Before Buying Your First Self-Defense Handgun

 1.The Purpose of the Purchase

The reason why I have put this point on top is that it is the most important decision one needs to take. There can be a lot of intended purposes to purchase a firearm and according to that choice you need to consider different firearms options like handguns, shotguns or rifles as well as the right brands, models and specks. San Diego gun stores are loaded with great options that are completely acquiescent with the California gun laws.

The most common reason for purchasing a firearm is self-defense, as people want to be able to feel protected and empowered in case of an assault.

But people also want to purchase a gun for their hunting endeavors, to learn basic shooting skills or to protect their home or property or work place. People who want a gun for self-defense should consider semi-auto handguns as they are easy to operate and conceal, affordable and available in a huge variety.

2.The Budget Set for the Purchase

So now that you know your purpose and intent behind the purchase of the firearm, the next important decision that can affect the quality of your experience is the budget you want to set for the purchase.

There are alot of amazing handguns San Diego, AR style rifles and different action shotguns to choose from that if you don’t really have a set budget you might end up having a huge dent in your bank account. WBT guns offers a wide range of handguns and all other kinds of firearms and that too in diverse price points so that there is one for everyone! For people just starting off their firearm journey must not over spend on their first purchase, i would recommend a handgun between the traneg of $400 to $800 for best experience.

3.Train Yourself for the Firearm

Training has now become a pivotal part of acquiring a firearm, without proper training certificates no authorized seller will sell you a gun and this is applicable to both physical and online stores.

For first time gun buyers, I would recommend purchasing a gun that they feel comfortable with, are familiar with and know all the ins and outs of it. This will increase their confidence and make the first time purchase less daunting and more fun. If you want to purchase a handgun for self-defense, your familiarity with the gun can be the difference between life and death.

4.Your State Gun Laws

Another very important thing to consider before purchasing your first handgun is having full knowledge of the gun laws of your state. If you are a citizen of California then you must make extra effort in knowing the gun laws of your state as this state is known for having one of the strictest gun laws ever!

Owning a gun is just one small part of the gun laws, there are so many more rules of carry, conceal carry, loaded and unloaded carrying as well as the storage laws. First time buyers must understand and follow these laws in order to stay away from any legal trouble.

5.Size and Caliber of the Gun

Answering these two questions is the hardest of all as there is no definite answer to it. There are so many permutations and combinations that one can never pinpoint the best gun. But if you want a handgun for self-defense purposes whether to carry or to keep at your home, then I would say you should always opt for something that is ergonomic yet powerful enough. A fully sized chambered gun with a lower caliber is enjoyable. The caliber I would recommend starting off with is a .380 or 9mm at least.


Choosing the first firearm is a very personal and emotional experience which should be taken with utmost clarity and sincerity. I have tried to make your decision easier and smoother so that you don’t have to learn it the hard way!