An AR15 is a well-renowned name in the world of firearms. This gun style has carved a special niche for itself as it is loved by all Americans seeking for a solid, reliable yet powerful companion during their hunting expeditions, shooting endeavors, training practices and defense keeping mode.

An AR15 has adapted to its various uses and expectations over the time and has successfully modified itself to be suited for uses outside of the military. The AR15 that we know today, available at physical and online stores, is an amazing weapon that can be used for various purposes without a hitch and is also very much compliant with different state’s laws. California legal rifles are designed in such a way that the general public can use it for any purpose without having any lethal configurations.

The AR in the AR15 stands for Armalite instead of the common perception Assault Rifle or Automatic rifle. Armalite was the first company to produce this style of rifle, thus the name. These are the modern sporting rifles loved and preferred by many due to its never ending range, amazing options, reliable results and ever expanding uses.

In this article, I will try to erase all your doubts about this gun and also try to put a lid on all the speculation regarding this weapon and all the mass shootings that this gun has been used as a prime weapon. California legal AR15 rifles are very much compliant with the gun laws of many states and trust me, this rifle is a must-have if you call yourself a gun lover.

AR15 Style Rifles and All you Need to Know

1.AR15 is a Semiautomatic Rifle

The number difference that people need to understand is that an AR15 is not an automatic machine gun but a semi-automatic rifle. Now the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives clearly defines that a semiautomatic rifle is the one that needs to to be triggered every time a shot needs to be fired.

It is fired from the shoulder and uses a part of energy released by the fired cartridge to extract it as well as chamber the next round. An assault weapon, on the other hand, doesn't need to be triggered every time, you just have to pull the trigger once and all the shots will keep firing until the magazine is emptied.

2.Feature of An AR15 Semiautomatic Rifle

The difference that I mentioned above, regarding the automatic and semi-automatic rifles is something that can only be identified once the trigger is pulled but that is not the only way to determine an AR15.

The AR15 style rifles also differ in the looks and have a few distinctive features. Firstly the California legal AR15 style rifle has either a detachable magazine that has 10 rounds with any two of these features- Folding Scope, pistol, grip, forward grip, Grenade launcher or flash suppressor or it has a fixed magazine with no more that 20 rounds. By these features you can easily differentiate between them by just looking at them.

3.AR15 Gas Systems

The AR15 works on 2 kinds of mechanism called its gas systems- Direct impingement and Piston. The DI is the original design whereas the piston just made its mark a few years ago. The direct impingement directs the hot gas released from the fired bullet to unlock the bolt, eject the casing and also put the new cartridge in the chamber.

Many of the AR15s still use this system as it is very reliable. The advantage of this system is that it cleans the inside of the gun as the dirty gas is put to use but it also has a few cons like a heavier front, more costly and less accuracy.

The piston system on the other hand is ideal for newer kids on the block. It has an operating rod that uses the pressure of the gas released from the fired round to push the metal rod to the rear of the gun. The operating rod or the piston then strikes a lug on the top of the bolt to put the new round in the chamber. This system is more efficient, reliable, robust and cost-effective as well.

4.Versatile, Affordable and Readily Available

Ar15 style rifles are available in a myriad of options according to your budget, purpose and level of experience. You can find a wide range of styles from different manufacturers at WBT guns. All the rifles sold on the website are fully compliant with the California state laws and are also called California legal rifles.


If you have been looking for a firearm that serves multiple purposes like hunting, shooting, training and defending then AR15 is the right choice. This rifle has its own impact even before the trigger is pulled so without hesitation go for it!